You are manipulated – How does music affect your shopping habits?

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If you think music does not affect you, it will change the melody after reading this. This is a true story at Leicester University, England.

You go to the supermarket and decide to stop on a French and German wine shelves. You are about to buy a bottle of French wine.

During the check you ask why you took the shave. You reply "The tag looks good" or "I liked the price". Then you are asked if you noticed the French harmonica music that played when he took the bottle off the shelf. You say he did it. Did the wine influence today? No, of course no, you answer.

This is funny, because nearly 80% of buyers chose French wine on French music days. On the days when German music takes place Opposite.

In other words, this study found that if you bought wine from our shelves, you would choose three or four times more likely to have a wine that fits in the music than Not Fit for Music.

Guess what these winemakers answered when they asked the cashier if the music affected the election. Out of 44 clients, only 1 said that music was the purchase of wine. This is 2%!

The impact of music was enormous, but customers did not realize or believe it would affect them. It took music for a few minutes or seconds for these people to get in their minds

Similar experiments show that classical music makes people buy more expensive wines

Here's another study that starts to chew. Most people eat once a week. Do you know which music makes you more when you're in a restaurant?

In this study, a British restaurant played music, music and music for 18 evenings. The calculation of average expenditure per person was based on the following categories:

Appetizers, main courses, desserts, coffee, drinks from the bar, wine, full drink, full food account and total amount out of stock

they were in the restaurant. Here's what they found.

There was a significant difference between the evenings when they played classical music and did not play music or pop music. Classical music has resulted in higher spending. The whole board in each category. Other foreign and foreign restaurants had similar results.

What does this mean? That's pretty simple. Classical music relaxes and feels good. And feeling good is the best you want.

So many successful people are listening to high-frequency classical music. They know it helps them work better, think better, and get more energy. They know they will not reduce them, disturb them, and raise their heart rate like hard-hitting low-frequency music.

The wonderful effect of music and body after studying is proved. This information should not be ignored. Especially in these days when we get into music at any time, we enter a building.

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